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Contact: Richard Zvonar 818-788-2202
or Gerry Fialka 310-306-7330

American Composers Forum of Los Angeles’ SPECIAL SALON  series proudly presents the interactive workshop
on Sunday, August 29, 2004 from 2:00pm - 5:00pm at Sponto Gallery, 7 Dudley Ave, Venice, 310-306-7330. Admission $10.

Music outsider Gerry Fialka will examine Marshall McLuhan's probe: "Song is slowed-down speech. The reason cultures have different musical tastes is ultimately connected to language difference" by surveying the anti-hits of The Shaggs, Igor Stravinsky's Harvard lectures (attempting to prove that music is an expression of itself and nothing more), Korla Pandit's "Universal Language of Music" philosophy, The Mothers Of Invention's employment of Sprechstimme, Ornette Coleman's harmolodic philosophy, John Oswald's Plunderphonics, and air molecule sculptures by Captain Beefheart, George Russell and Sun Ra. "Music is the Mother art"-Frank Lloyd Wright. "The best music does not want to be recorded" -Tom Waits. The participants will employ McLuhan's Tetrad (four questions to uncover the hidden environments and effects of human inventions) to explore the art of composing music, and much more.

Gerry Fialka has hosted the Marshall McLuhan-Finnegans Wake Reading Club since 1995. Visit: