"With TV, the viewer is the screen."
- Marshall McLuhan

Gerry Fialka's #2 MESS survey

If radio caused Orwellian propaganda, TV caused news as fantasy, and the Internet caused genuine-fake news, then what does YouTube cause? 
*The physical/philosophical contradiction: An ever-expanding universe of black holes - Craig Baldwin
*Insomnia, sleep-deprivation, and an excess of videos featuring dogs, monkeys, and adult children living out the pranks they missed the first time around. - Eric Predoehl
*As far as YouTube is concerned, so far all it's done is give the Democrats control of the Senate.  We'll see where it goes from there. - Ed Hammond
*change the word "cause" - that implies it was the only or main force. radio was the facilitator, communicator, technical voice but only sending propaganda or whatever out to many many not the sender, not the recipient, not the willingness to put out or take in words/thoughts/arousal. radio did not cause - radio pushed out, facilitated, rang out, sent out, gave louder further access, etc. propaganda has many causes, sources and forces to make it and to take it. TV does not cause fantasy - it is what we agree to vision, to accept as story/truth/excuse. who is responsible for taking in and believing what is seen on a machine ? who turns it on and finds it 'intersting' and 'believable'? why ? Internet is making accessible, available, not cause either all inventions are helpful and disturbing and troublesome simplicity in words misleads as much as the loud-speaker-electronics do. why continue to try to be cute but inaccurate? - Mary Jane 
*Ann Randolph to be a star
- Ann Randolph
*YouTube babies, (youthful) you turn, you boob - Peter Ludwig
*YouTube caused viral 'amused to death' syndrome thus leading to extinction of the species as well as several legal copyright cases. - Phineas Narco
*YouTube causes everybody to perform Hamlet's famous soliloquoy (Shakespeare) very badly and frequently, each time with its in own peculiar rendition !! - Paul Plimley
*Democracy and eyestrain - Paul Krassner
*YouTube caused the democrats to take back the house and Senate - Scott Norris
*Clampdown via censormongers - Hank Rosenfeld
*youtube caused the desire to get faster internet service -David Bologh
*YouTube caused globalized “revelation surveillance” via instant broadcasting (e.g., YouTube busts L.A. cops using excessive force again on suspect, 11/10/06), pop-surveillance mirroring of Big Brother Orwellianisms, also the encyclomediation of trivial pursuits, in short—Digital Packratism. - Randy Koppang
*Hopefully, democracy. 15 seconds of fame for everybody. The end of network television. - Andre Cynkin 
*YouTube causes one to believe things merely because one sees them. And, YouTube perpetuates the myth that anyone can make interesting art. - Michael Simmons
*Probably blase behavior among adolescent boys who will have seen a thousand naked women by the time they are fourteen. - Doug Day
*Piles (or as Americans say "Hemmriods") - Simon Prentis
*YouTube has caused the death and embaling of celebrity. - Gordon Winiemko
*YouTube caused the first moon landing. -Robert Guffey
*YouTube caused the Invasion of the Body Snatchers aka the rise of the video-podcaster - Paul Levinson
*Here we have a set-up of communication breakthroughs "causing" insidious deceptions. However, let us flip this one on its head and observe optimistically that YouTube causes unbridled delight and imagination stimulation for both the observer as well as the producer of art, music, history, propaganda, expression, rip-offs, exposures, innovation, demolition, flash-backs, creativity, short-cuts, teases, posturing, comedy, adventure, conjecture, promotion and authnetic counterpoints to genuine-fake news. -Mike Wilson
* White teens, college students and young adults to take notice of the Civil Rights Movement. - Brian Chidester
*Cell phone caused 9/11. Wi-Fi and Instant Messaging caused the Iraq invasion.YouTube caused the Democratic majority in Congress. - Robert Dobbs

QUESTION as of 11-1-06.