MESS (Media Ecology Super Sessions) AWARDS
The following is a list of those who qualify as guides for understanding the complete Marshall McLuhan.
The percentage sign following each name is the degree to which they illuminate McLuhan's oeuvre.
Congratulations to all the winners!
Comments?  Contact: 11-22-05
BOB DOBBS 100% - Phatic Communion With Bob Dobbs;;;;
DON THEALL 90% - The Virtual Marshall McLuhan; Beyond The Word; James Joyce's Techno-Poetics;
ERIC McLUHAN 90% - Electric Language; The Role Of Thunder in Finnegans Wake;;
JEAN BAUDRILLARD 90% - Screened Out; The Conspiracy of Art;
BARRY NEVITT 90% - ABC Of Prophecy; Communication Ecology; Keeping Ahead Of Economic Panic;;
CAROLYN DEAN 85% - Death by Modern Medicine;
FRANK ZAPPA 82% - all albums, films, and interviews;;
EDMUND CARPENTER 80% - They Became What They Beheld; Oh, What A Blow That Phantom Gave Me!; Patterns That Connect;
JANINE MARCHESSAULT 80% - McLuhan: Cosmic Media;
ARTHUR KROKER 79% - Spasm; Data Trash;
RICHARD CAVELL 78% - McLuhan In Space;
FRANK ZINGRONE 75% - The Media Symplex;
WAYNE CONSTANTINEAU 70% - see book: Who Was Marshall McLuhan?, p.156;
DERRICK DE KERCKHOVE 65% - The Skin Of Culture; Connected Intelligence;
ROBERT LOGAN 60% - The Alphabet Effect;
PHILIP MARCHAND 50% - Marshall McLuhan: The Medium And The Messenger;
TERRENCE W. GORDON 50% - Marshall McLuhan: Escape Into Understanding;
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