Marshall McLuhan has influenced people (from... to...) in these walks of life:

Celebrities - Henry Kissinger to Timothy Leary

Political Guppies - Mikhail Gorbachev to Al Gore

Literary essayists - Hugh Kenner to Robert Anton Wilson

Music composers - Duke Ellington to David Byrne

Rock music - Grateful Dead to D.J. Spooky

Virtual Music - Glenn Gould to Laurie Anderson

Experimental filmmakers - Michael Snow to Craig Baldwin

Comedians - Jack Parr to Woody Allen

Futurists - Bucky Fuller to Alvin Toffler

Management consultants - Peter Drucker to Stewart Brand

Politicians - Pierre Trudeau to Jerry Brown

Novelists - Wyndham Lewis to Thomas Pynchon

Writers - Tom Wolfe to Tom Robbins

Filmmakers - Norman McLaren to David Cronenberg

Artists - Karel Appel to Yoko Ono

Doctors - Sheila Watson to Dr. Carolyn Dean

Thinkers - Marcel Duchamp to Andy Warhol

Journalists - Norman Mailer to William Gibson

Actors - Jack Nicholson to Keanu Reeves

Xenochronists - Bob Dobbs to David Lynch